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What Do You Need to Bring?

Updated: Jan 8, 2020

Fishing License - A Wisconsin 2 day Great Lakes License is what you’ll need and can be purchased online (insert link) or at most sporting goods stores. Visit the Wisconsin DNR Website for additional information on Wisconsin fishing license, Salmon and Trout Stamps.

Cooler – At the end of your trip, your catch will be expertly filleted, de-boned and vacuum-sealed so it can be enjoyed right away or frozen for up to 6 months.

Ice can be purchased at the marina.

Sunscreen + Sunglasses – The sun is more intense on the lake because of the reflection off the water. Any drinks or snacks you may want while out fishing.

Camera or Video Recorder – To capture the action. Public restrooms are available at the marina.

Dress for the Weather – It is usually cooler on the lake than it is onshore. Feel free to call for updated weather the day before your trip.

FISHING EQUIPMENT INCLUDED - All of your fishing equipment is provided and expert instruction is always free. Your SUCCESS is our BUSINESS!

IMPORTANT TO DO - ** One thing that would take away the enjoyment of your trip is getting seasick…It helps to get a good night’s rest and EAT BREAKFAST the morning of your trip**If you have any questions or concerns regarding your trip, please contact us.

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