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What's Biting on Lake Michigan & When

Updated: Jan 8, 2020

April and May In the early spring the brown trout, Coho and the occasional lake trout can be found within minutes of both Milwaukee and Racine harbors.  This is an amazing time to put big numbers of fish in the boat.  The Coho migrate north from Indiana feeding in large schools and the possibility of quick limits and multiple hookups is ever-present.  The brown trout can almost always be found near shore feeding on shad or gobies while the water is cold.  Be ready for fast and furious action! 

June In late spring and early summer the Coho, brown trout, Chinook salmon and rainbow trout really put on the feed bag.  Coho will be around Milwaukee and Racine but venturing north as the water warms.  Chinook salmon will be putting on approximately a pound a week from now until August, and these fish LOVE to fight.  Both German Brown Trout and Sunderland Brown Trout will also be feeding heavily in the nearshore areas.  Rainbow trout will be in the upper part of the water column feeding as well.  This is a great time to get some variety in your cooler!

July In the dog days of summer big kings (Chinook salmon) rule the roost.  Four-year-old Chinook salmon are in the mid to upper teens in weight. With an abundance of food and no natural predators, these bruisers are here to fight.  Screaming drags and multiple runs will let you know when you’ve hooked one of these big boys.  In the early morning and late evening rainbow trout will be raiding the surface in search of food.  With any, luck some of the Coho have stuck around and fattened up.  Browns are still available but can be tricky to find.  

August Big, Bigger, BIGGEST!  This is the month that kings will top out on weight.  With four-year-olds being around the 20-pound mark and the occasional 30 pounders.  With two and three-year-olds from 10 pounds to the mid-teens.  The four-year-olds will be found coming closer and closer to shore to prepare for their spawning in September.  Rainbows, browns and even lake trout are all available as well.  

September As the four-year-old Chinook salmon come into spawn, we can fish for them near the harbor or target the two and three-year-olds out on the main lake.  Lakers, Browns, and Rainbows are also available just a short run from the Milwaukee harbor.  

What are you waiting for? Get out on Lake Michigan with Fish Addiction this season from April through September and enjoy the fishing on Lake Michigan. Leave the poles and the fish cleaning to us, instead enjoy your relaxing fishing charter and don't forget to bring the camera.

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